Adding audio to your Drupal 5 site

Putting audio on your site seems like it should be easy. It is, once you know what to do.

  1. Download the audio module from drupal.org. At the moment, if you want to have multiple files in one player you need to get the 5.x-2.x-dev download – http://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/audio-5.x-2.x-dev.tar.gz. If not, you can get the 5.x release of your choice.


  2. Unzip the file and copy the new folder to your sites/all/modules folder on your webserver
  3. Download the getid3 library from sourceforge and put in sites/all/modules/audio/getid3
  4. Enable the module in your Drupal Admin
  5. Configure the audio import directory
  6. Configure the id3 directory
  7. Upload some properly tagged mp3s to the audio import directory – do a few that have album name in common.
  8. Import the audio files
  9. Create a new view with type of audio:xspf and a filter on audio:album if desired. Select the Page or Block and Menu options based on your preference.
  10. Create a new view with type of full nodes. Select and complete the Page or Block and Menu sections. Filter on an audio related criteria and Sort as you like.
  11. You will now have two pages: one with a player containing the songs belonging to the album filter you created, and one with a list of single entries with their own players. You could change the latter to only return one node, change the sorting to descending by node:created date and place in a block – then you’d have the most recent audio entry for your site, placed in a block perhaps.

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