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Embed Tumblr posts in your sidebar!

In the last two weeks I’ve fallen in love with Tumblr. Mostly because it’s SO darn easy to post a photo, link or quote with the bookmarklet. If you look over in the left sidebar of LittleBirdLLC.com/blog there is a stream being pulled in from our Little Bird tumblr. The web is full of amazing things that we see everyday – this is an easy way to collect them as a resource and share them with you.

First, paste the following into a text widget or your sidebar.php file. Replace ‘yourname’ with your tumblr account name.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://yourname.tumblr.com/js?num=5"></script>

The /js$num=5 is limiting the amount of posts to 5, this can be whatever number you want.

If you look at it now it’s probably a mess. Every element has tumblr css classes wrapped around it so next you’ll want to style it. At the very least you’ll need to change the width so it fits. I recommend using Firebug, the Mozilla Firefox extension, for finding and styling your posts.

/* Tumblr Styles */

ol.tumblr_posts {width: 183px;}
li.tumblr_post {}

li.tumblr_quote_post {}
  .tumblr_quote {}
  .tumblr_source {}
  .tumblr_open_quote {}
  .tumblr_close_quote {}

li.tumblr_link_post {}
  a.tumblr_link {}
  .tumblr_description {}

li.tumblr_photo_post {}
  img.tumblr_photo {}
  .tumblr_caption {}

/* and that's just a few! */

Tumblr makes it incredibly easy to import RSS feeds so all you have to do is import all of your various feeds to tumblr and Ta-da! Instant life-stream.
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Launch: littlebirdllc.com


I’ve been working on littlebirdllc.com since last fall. Designed 10 different versions, coded about 6, started in Drupal and ended with WordPress. Do all designers have such a hard time designing their own business sites? It’s just never right, never cool enough, never finished. I decided on Saturday that this had gone on TOO long. Imagine my surprise when I actually came up with a design I liked right after deciding I just wanted to get something up? Design is funny like that. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s something. Thanks for reading!

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Paper, A WordPress Theme


I’ve been using WordPress for a year or two now and think it’s time for a free theme! I created a simple one that artists and craftsters might enjoy.


It’s easy to install & you don’t have to touch the code if you don’t want to. Not sure how to add a theme? You can find detailed directions and tons more information here: Adding New Themes

The code is clean and organized and ready for someone to tinker around with as well. The image in the right sidebar is commented out in the code you’re downloading. The space is the perfect size for a logo/image, flickr or etsy badge. There’s commented out code & detailed directions for all three options in the file sidebar.php.

Get support and more at: The Paper Theme Site Sebastian Janikowski Authentic Jersey


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