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In the last two weeks I’ve fallen in love with Tumblr. Mostly because it’s SO darn easy to post a photo, link or quote with the bookmarklet. If you look over in the left sidebar of LittleBirdLLC.com/blog there is a stream being pulled in from our Little Bird tumblr. The web is full of amazing things that we see everyday – this is an easy way to collect them as a resource and share them with you.

First, paste the following into a text widget or your sidebar.php file. Replace ‘yourname’ with your tumblr account name.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://yourname.tumblr.com/js?num=5"></script>

The /js$num=5 is limiting the amount of posts to 5, this can be whatever number you want.

If you look at it now it’s probably a mess. Every element has tumblr css classes wrapped around it so next you’ll want to style it. At the very least you’ll need to change the width so it fits. I recommend using Firebug, the Mozilla Firefox extension, for finding and styling your posts.

/* Tumblr Styles */

ol.tumblr_posts {width: 183px;}
li.tumblr_post {}

li.tumblr_quote_post {}
  .tumblr_quote {}
  .tumblr_source {}
  .tumblr_open_quote {}
  .tumblr_close_quote {}

li.tumblr_link_post {}
  a.tumblr_link {}
  .tumblr_description {}

li.tumblr_photo_post {}
  img.tumblr_photo {}
  .tumblr_caption {}

/* and that's just a few! */

Tumblr makes it incredibly easy to import RSS feeds so all you have to do is import all of your various feeds to tumblr and Ta-da! Instant life-stream.

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I’ve been working on littlebirdllc.com since last fall. Designed 10 different versions, coded about 6, started in Drupal and ended with WordPress. Do all designers have such a hard time designing their own business sites? It’s just never right, never cool enough, never finished. I decided on Saturday that this had gone on TOO long. Imagine my surprise when I actually came up with a design I liked right after deciding I just wanted to get something up? Design is funny like that. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s something. Thanks for reading!

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Customizing Drupal Menus

As the interface for your website, the menu gets plenty of action. You might want to tune it up a bit, adding something to make it special. Drupal has an extensive API for interacting with the menu items you create.

On our website, we wanted subtext for each primary menu item – as you see above. Drupal usually displays the link titles only. There is a description field for each menu item, and we thought that would be a great place to enter the subtext we enter. I set out to generate my own menu and place it in a block on my page. menu_navigation_links() looked like a promising function from the menu API.

I enabled the devel module and put the execute PHP block at the top of the page. I got to work creating the PHP that would do the trick. Dealing with arrays can be tricky if you don’t do it often. Using the PHP function print_r() , you can view the contents of your menu array. Like so:

< ?php
$menuitems = menu_navigation_links('primary-links', $level = 0);

Once you have the PHP worked out, make sure the PHP filter module is enabled for the site under admin/build/modules. Create a block at admin/build/block. Insert PHP code and change the input type to PHP.

< ?php
//Get the menu structure and place in a variable. An array is returned.
$menuitems = menu_navigation_links('primary-links', $level = 0);

//Loop through the menu items, setting two classes for the design and outputting what we want
foreach ($menuitems as $key=>$value)
echo '
echo ''.$menuitems[$key]['title'].'';
echo ' 
echo $menuitems[$key]['attributes']['title'];
echo ' 
echo '


More information on the Drupal menu API for all versions:


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