Rebecca Tillett

I’ve known Rebecca Tillett for years – she’s an amazing photographer, designer, artist, writer and poet. When she mentioned wanting a new website that brings together all her passions I jumped at the chance. It’s not everyday web designers get to work with such beautiful imagery.

“I owe this amazing new website to my friend Amanda Hawkins of Little Bird or perhaps better known as Ahhh Design. It’s so fresh and new and fantastic I’ve been doing cartwheels since the moment I saw it.” – Rebecca Tillett Joshua Dobbs Authentic Jersey

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Margie Albert

Park & Co created the initial design concept on Margie Albert’s new website then handed it over to us. From there we took the design and turned it into an easy-to-update and functional blog.

“Amanda was fantastic to work with! I love my website and it is generating the results I need. She listened, offered terrific ideas, stayed in touch along the way and continues to be helpful long after my site launch. She is quick to respond which is a a breath of fresh air these days. I enthusiastically recommend Amanda and will use her services again should I have the need.” – Margie Albert Walter Brown Authentic Jersey

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Metabolic Me

Brent liked Little Bird’s style and decided to take a chance. I took his ideas and put together this artsy but minimal design –

“In the past, I’ve worked with some bad designers and some terrible designers. And while they all can make a pretty website, rarely do they “get it” when it comes to incorporating even some of the most basic parts of the technical side in WordPress. Amanda’s designs are great, AND she “gets it” so as not to over complicate the design process or the end result. She rocks!” – Brent Martin Andrew Cogliano Authentic Jersey

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Extra Cuts by Park&Co

Park & Co, a Phoenix ad agency, recently launched a whole new awesome website. They decided to break out the blog with its own unique and rugged look.

That’s where Little Bird came in.
We created custom artwork filled with texture-y goodness and built their WordPress theme from scratch. Garrett Grayson Authentic Jersey

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Philip F. Deaver

Philip F. Deaver writes wonderful short stories and lovely poetry – he’s won awards and been published too. His previous site was built in the 1900?s and together we decided it was time for a change.  Derek Rivers Jersey

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Burrow Press

Burrow Press
Burrow Press is an independent publishing company dedicated to promoting local literary works in Orlando, Florida. Little Bird did everything on this site, from start to finish. Except for the content of course, we let the writers take care of that. Justin Abdelkader Womens Jersey

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Waring Is

The site is a collection of interviews by Jana Waring showcasing the people of Orlando. Jana came to us after seeing Paper, our free wordpress theme. She liked the look but wanted some tweaks and a new logo based on her tattoo!

“I’d like to give a special shout out to Amanda Hawkins, someone who has never met me, yet seems to know me fairly well. She is responsible for waringis.com’s new look, which I finally feel like represents me. It’s unreal.“ – Jana Waring

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